About Me

Hi everyone! I'm so glad you stopped by. So a little about me.....

I was raised in New Hampshire, spent 11 years in Tennessee and have now just moved to Washington state! Animals have always been a passion for me. There has never been a point in my life that I did not share my space with critters. I have had everything from cats to snakes to fish, but I am for sure 100% crazy cat lady! Currently I am owned by three very special kitties Noah, Jack and my queen Dolly Purrton.

My photography passion technically started back in high school, pre digital age, where I loved taking and developing photos. I lost touch with it shortly after high school and it wasn't until just last year I found the fire again. It actually started with a couple bird feeders I put up at work. Then I joined a local bird group on Facebook to help me learn about and identify the birds I was seeing everyday. In this group, there are some amazing photographers. Well, I decided I too wanted to capture amazing bird images, and that spilled over naturally into pet photography. Now, there is barely a moment when I do not have my camera in my hand be it for a pet session or in nature. I also dedicate time with local pet rescues to photograph adoptable babies in hope of helping find their forever homes, and when time allows I also volunteer at our local wildlife rehab center which has been an amazing experience!

Aside from animals, I love all things retro! I adore the pinup and rockabilly culture and style. I collect vintage goodies especially things for the kitchen! I love Elvis, he is actually what brought me to Tennessee! In what little free time I have left, I enjoy various other crafts as well, especially crocheting.

Taking adoption photos at our local Cat Cafe, Catfeine Cat Cafe in Murfresboro, TN (click the photo to be brought to their website!)